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Insured party:
All kinds of load and the connected with them material interests during their transportation with all kind of transport.
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Insured party:
Insurance may be made for an individual person (individual insurance), as well as for a group of people, such as workers, students, club members, etc., (group insurance).
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Motor own damage

Insured party:
Motor vehicles with registration number and suitable for road travelling.
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General third party liability

Insurance Cover:
The loses of the insured party up to the contracted limits for the sum, that the insured has to pay to third parties or his workers for the caused harms, according to the current legislation, throughout the insurance period...
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Property insurance

Insured party:
Private persons - houses, agricultural buildings, house property (furniture, electrical devices, personal belongings etc.) Legal bodies - administrative buildings, production buildings, machinery and equipment, inventory...
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Livestock insurance (animals, birds, fish and beehives)

Insured party:
Animals, birds, fish and beehive of private and legal bodies.
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Rila Borker ltd is a licensed insurance broker, and has been taking care of its clients needs for 10 years.
The company was founded in 1998 by a team of managers from leading Bulgarian insurance companies.
The scope of activity of the company consists of representation and mediation in insurance, reinsurance, settling of claims, marketing and consulting about the insurance market.
The company is licensed as an insurance broker by the Direction for Insurance Control. (Reg. No. 9 of 23.03.2000)
Rila Broker LTD. is one of the founders of the Association of Insurance Brokers in Bulgaria.
The team consists of managers and experts with long standing experience in the sphere of the insurance.
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Rila Broker LTD. works in the sphere of the "general insurance" - " property insurance" of large, medium and small enterprises, companies and individual persons, "Casco" insurance of motor vehicles, "Liability insurance", "Accident", "Cargo", "Shipper's liability", "Professional liabilities", "Financial risks", "Agricultural insurance", etc.
We also offer life insurance, pension and health insurance services.
Rila Broker LTD. has at its disposal highly qualified specialists and experts, including legal experts, who may consult you in a professional way about insurance events that have occurred and about the settling of damages as a result of insurance events.
Considering our rich experience on the insurance market and our contracts with leading insurance companies, we have the pleasure to offer our services as a qualified consultant and mediator in the realization of all your insurance needs.
With our help you can choose a reliable insurer who offers you the best terms and prices for the insurance of your property, the life and health of your staff, as well as all the risks related to your activity.
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